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Striking Velvet Tufted Headboard

Velvet tufted headboard is a trend that is striking both in the world of fashion and decoration, associated with luxury, ostentation or femininity, velvet is a fabric with thousands of years of history. So we can discover Scandinavian designs upholstered with velvet, metallic structures in golden tones or the latest trend, seats with ribbed backing, which are causing real furor. Currently we find velvets with base, both natural and synthetic, cotton, rayon, acetate, nylon or mixtures of other fibers that have made their cost much cheaper.

Today’s furniture designers have rescued this soft and luxurious fabric to upholster chairs, armchairs, armchairs, benches … and incorporate them into more modern environments without falling into stridency or excessive luxury. The secret lies in knowing how to mix it with furniture and more modern pieces that lighten the visual weight that velvet tufted headboard brings.

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The most avant-garde restaurants and hotels have also echoed this trend and have not hesitated to incorporate chairs or velvet seats to their furniture. In this way we find ourselves in increasingly sophisticated environments that make us feel at home. There are many styles of velvety rooms, which can give a unique style to this space of your home. Your room can become a space with a lot of style, with velvet tufted headboard models, in dark and light tones.

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