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Popular Idea Upholstered Headboard DIY

Upholstered headboard DIY sit behind the head of the bed and either form part of the bed structure itself or are fixed to the wall. Its original purpose was to protect the occupant from the cold and damp bed that comes through the wall. Nowadays the modern headboard is normally used to complement the decoration of a room or to provide a comfortable backrest to sit on the bed. Low profile headboards do not protrude above the bed, and give it an elegant and contemporary look.

Ideas for upholstered headboard DIY, measure the width of the bed and the height. The header will be the same width. A low profile headboard should not protrude more than 18 inches above the head of the bed. Design the shape of the header. A rectangular shape looks relaxed and modern, but considers other shapes or geometric curves.

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Then for upholstered headboard DIY, draw the shape of the header in MDF. The height of the headboard will be the same as the height of the bed and the mattress plus 18 inches. Cut the shape, and smooth the rough edges with sandpaper. Cover the plate with a batting layer, stretching it tightly over the front of the board and stapling it in place on the back of the board. Follow with a layer of cloth. For a modern look, try real or fake leather, metallic fabric, vibrantly colored fabric or, neutral plain fabric. Holes in the lower corners of the header.

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