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Flannel Bedding Sets Winter Preparations

Flannel Bedding Sets – The arrival of the cold means many changes in the homes. One of them is the wardrobe that includes the provisioning and preparation of bedding for all members of the household. Composed of 100% cotton is highly recommended if you are looking for a very breathable and durable fabric. It is the type of traditional winter sheet. In areas with more humidity, it does not retain odors as much as other synthetic fabrics.

Currently, in addition to sheet sets, there is Nordic flannel bedding sets on the market. Although its origin is uncertain, already in the sixteenth century we used a fabric very similar to the current flannel. In the nineteenth and twentieth century’s, it spread and popularized much its use among the working population as the textile par excellence for making winter clothes and, although at first it was make from wool, nowadays there are mixtures that include cotton or synthetic fibers among other materials.

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The flannel is perfect for winter sheets because they provide shelter very quickly and also do not retain odors so they are often using in areas or very humid spaces. When washing them, it is recommend to put them inside out so that they do not give off lint. If the sheets are new, you have to wash them at low temperature, but these changes in the next washings. If the flannel bedding sets is delicate, 30°C.

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