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Awesome Design Linen Headboard

Linen headboard – When decorating a bedroom, the correct header can make or break your design. Once you have found just the right piece, attaching the linen headboard to an existing bed frame can be tricky. The parts of the headboard and the mattress support frame do not always line up correctly. However, with the right tools, and possibly a partner, attaching a headboard to a bed frame must have less than 30 minutes.

Ideas for connect linen headboard with bed frame, lift the mattress springs and the bed frame and lean against a wall. A couple comes very well here, as a queen size mattress is heavy. Move the head of the plot a little away from the wall. Slide the headboard between the wall and the frame of the bed.

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Retrieve the bolts, washers and nuts that come with the head. If these parts are screwed into the pre-drilled holes in the legs of the head, remove them now. Locate the mounting plates on the end of the head of the bed frame. Have your partner hold the double head up against the end of the bed frame. Adjust the linen headboard until the holes drilled in its legs align with the openings in the mounting plates.  Work the bolts through the holes in the mounting plates and header until they come through the back of the header. Thread a washer and nut onto each screw.

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